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Historical Figures: Charles Edward Stuart

Charles Edward Louis Philip Casimir Stuart, 'Bonnie Prince Charlie' (1720-1788) Son of uncrowned Stuart King James III of Britain and grandson of the last crowned Stuart king - James II, who had ruled from 1685-88.

In July 1745 Charles landed in Scotland and raised his standard at Glenfinnan on 19 August. With his small but dedicated army of Highlanders, the '45 Jacobite rebellion had begun. By September he occupied Edinburgh. In November he crossed into England but no English rose for his Jacobite cause and backing from France still did not materialise. Faced with a Government army five times larger, he withdrew back to Scotland.

Charles held his last war council in the Drummond Arms Hotel, Crieff.

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On 16th April 1746 he was finally defeated at Culloden by the Duke of Cumberland. After 5 months of evading capture Charles escaped to France. Charles tried for years to interest various European powers in assisting his cause, but to no avail and in 1788 he finally died having spent almost all his life in exile.

The '45 wasn't a war between Scotland and England and it wasn't a religious war, it was a final putting to rest of the ideals of Stuart Monarchy which had been rejected by the majority of both Scots and English half a century earlier. There were more Scots fighting on the Government side at Culloden than on the Jacobite. Even though many (most?) Highlanders hadn't backed his cause, Highland culture, language and dress was supressed for decades to come. © 2008

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