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Historical Figures: Mary I - Mary Queen of Scots

Mary, Queen of Scots, (1542-87) In return for French help against England, Mary was sent to France in 1548 and in 1558 married Francis who became king of France in 1559. He died in 1560.

Mary was heir to the English throne and in the eyes of Roman Catholics had a better claim than Elizabeth I of England. In 1561 Mary returned to Scotland. She was Roman Catholic while her country was by then Protestant. This, and her threat to Elizabeth led to political scheming, secret deals and eventual civil war. In 1565 Mary married Henry Stewart, Lord Darnley - a full cousin who was next in line for the English throne.

Mary often hunted with Darnley in the Royal forests in Glen Artney, south of Comrie. This later inspired Sir Walter Scott to use Glen Artney in The Lady of the Lake.

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After assassinations, another marriage, imprisonment and open war Mary fled to England in 1568 and was imprisoned there. As 'rightful heir' to both the Scottish and the English thrones she remained the focus of anti Elizabeth plots and was eventually murdered by official sanction in 1587. © 2008

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