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Historical Figures: Marquis of Montrose

James Graham, Marquis of Montrose, (1612-50) Montrose had strong connections with Strathearn.

In 1644 he began to fight for Charles in Scotland. Having spent the night camped out with his army on Calum's Hill in Crieff, he went on to destroy a Covenanter force at Tippermore, on the eastern fringe of Strathearn, and occupy Perth. Few died in the battle but an estimated 2000 died in the following massacre - this puts Tippermore at about the same level of post-battle massacre as Culloden!

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Montrose is presented in contrasting ways, sometimes as the dashing cavalier whose principles made him stand for his king against the odds, but more usually in modern texts as power seeking egocentric. His campaign never achieved widespread backing in Scotland but caused widespread death and destruction. Montrose was later executed for his crimes. © 2008

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