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Historical Figures: William Wallace, Braveheart

William Wallace (1270-1305) Son of Sir Malcolm Wallace, a landowner of Elderslie, Refrewshire.

Braveheart William Wallace The Scottish King, John Balliol, was deposed in 1296 by King Edward I of England who declared himself ruler. Serious resistance began when William Wallace, Braveheart, with around 30 men killed the English Sheriff of Lanark in May 1297. An army of common men took up the cause at Wallace's side attacking English garrisons across central Scotland.

At Blackford in Strathearn, William Wallace is said to have defeated a small English force as they crossed the ford on the Allan Water. On 11th September 1297 an English army under the Earl of Surrey was caught attempting to cross a narrow wooden bridge over the River Forth at Stirling 15 kms south of Strathearn. This force was slaughtered at this Battle of Stirling Bridge and the strategically crucial fortress of Stirling Castle fell to Wallace.

Wallace's legacy to his Nation was to keep alive in the population the believe that they were an independent and sovereign people who should not be absorbed by their powerful southern neighbour. © 2008

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