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Wars of Independence

From 1286 until 1320 we Scots had some troubles with our southern English neighbours and their kings Edward I & II. Although many Scots dispute the accuracy of the film Braveheart, I think it gives a reasonable picture of the times. During his invasion of Scotland, in 1296 Edward I spent a night in Strathearn at Auchterarder Castle.

At Blackford William Wallace is said to have defeated a small English force as they crossed the ford on the Allan Water.

Wallace's greatest hour, the battle of Stirling Bridge, took place 15 kms south of Strathearn. On 11th September 1297 an English army under the Earl of Surrey was caught attempting to cross a narrow wooden bridge over the River Forth at Stirling. This force was slaughtered and the strategically crucial fortress of Stirling Castle fell to Wallace.


William Wallace, Braveheart

Scone, 10kms east of Strathearn, was for centuries home of the Stone of Destiny. This magical rock, said to be black marble from the Holy Land and Jacob's original pillow, was used in the crowning ceremony of Scottish Monarchs. Around the Stone of Scone lies much controversy. In 1296 Edward stole 'a stone' from Scone - a piece of local sandstone. Ten years later in 1306 Robert I (Robert the Bruce) was said to be crowned on The Stone at Scone. Spot the obvious here? So where did the real Stone go? And where is it today? What was the stone that came back from England after 700 years amid much publicity? - the old cover to the cess pit at Scone, say some!

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