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Lady Mary's Walk, Crieff

Strathearn offers the walker huge variety. From rugged mountains or gentle rolling hills to near level such as Lady Mary's Walk by the River Earn.

Gifted to the town in 1815 by Sir Patrick Murray of Ochtertyre, the walk was a favourite of his daughter, Lady Mary.

From the car park at Macrosty Park a path leads about 400m along the side of the Turret Burn to where Lady Mary's Walk proper begins.
A beautiful beech lined avenue runs along side the River Earn for about 1500m.

There is considerable variety of trees, plants and wildlife to observe.

Throughout the year, the Walk dramatically changes it's appearance with the seasons. Spring flowers. Lush, warm and sheltered in Summer. Rich reds and yellows of Autumn. Clear, crisp and refreshing in Winter.
The Earn is of course an important salmon river.

salmon fishing


At the western end of the Walk there is a choice: back along Laggan Road to Crieff or for a more demanding walk, on to Baird's Monument.

This obelisk, erected in 1832 by the widow of Sir David Baird, can be seen on a` hill top.

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