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Muthill Church, Perthshire

First mention of habitation on this site refers to a Culdee ("servants of God") House in the 9thC.

Muthill Church is an 12thC ecclesiastical site, which probably represented one of two cathedrals in the diocese, the other being Dunblane. The towers of the two may even have been built by the same craftsmen.

In the 1190s the church was given to Lindores Abbey but in the early 13thC transfered to Bishop of Dunblane.

The church was in use through the reformation up until the 1820's when the new larger church nearby was opened.

The earliest part of the building is the bell tower which dates to around 1140. This was originally a free standing structure. The foundations may be as old as 9thC. Round Norman arched belfry windows survive.

The 'craw stepped' gables, a traditional Scottish feature, are late medieval.

Dean Ochiltree, whose house stood on the Bishop's Green below the church, rebuilt the church at around 1430. The nave and choir can still be seen.

Muthill has an excellent folk museum housed in an 1760 Georgian cottage nearby.

The village was burned, as were others in Strathearn, by Highlanders retreating after the Battle of Sheriffmuir in 1715.

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