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The towns of Crieff, Comrie and Auchterarder in Strathearn, Perthshire, Scotland lie close to the centre of the country and where Lowlands meet Highlands. Most of the peoples and events in Scottish History touched the area to some degree: Romans, Picts, Celts, Scots, English, Monarchs, Jacobites, Great Men and Women, Saints and no doubt many sinners! Many of the great characters visited the general area - Macbeth, Wallace, Bruce, Montrose, Rob Roy, Bonny Prince Charlie and Robert Burns - have played their part in the making of today's Crieff, Comrie and Auchterarder and the Strathearn area in general.

These history pages are very much my personal opinions on and impressions of what was going on. By virtue of the wide span I wanted to cover and limited space I wished to fill, it is superficial. In places these opinions may be even be somewhat controversial. But where would we be without some latitude in free expression! Decide for yourself.

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The first 1000 million years

Ancient times to 7thC


Romans, Picts, Celts, Ossian

Birth of Scotland 8-13thC


Scots, Macbeth, Christianity

Bruce and Wallace


William Wallace, Stone of Destiny, Robert Bruce

Strathearn takes shape


Drummonds, McDonalds, John Knox,
Mary Queen of Scots, Montrose

Jacobites 1700-1746


Jacobites, Rob Roy, Bonnie Prince Charlie

Late 18thC


Peace, Industry, Roads, Robert Burns



The Clearances, Railways



World Wars, Tourism

Historical Figures
& Famous People


Part played by various characters in Strathearn's past

Place Names


Gaelic, Pictish, British, and Scots in Strathearn



Family History and Ancestry Research in Strathearn

Time Line


History of Strathearn (and Scotland)
as a Time Line



Tartans of Strathearn

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