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In the west of Strathearn lies the stretch of water known as Loch Earn. The deepest part (87m) is located near the western end. It is 10.5 km from east to west and at it's widest is 0.8 km. Lochearnhead is situated at its western end of the Loch and St. Fillans village at the eastern. From here the River Earn flows east out of the Loch, down through Strathearn and joins the River Tay Estuary 75 km away.

The Loch basin was dug out by the enormous erosional power of ice during the glacial periods of the last 2million years.

Loch Earn is unusual in having it's own 'tidal system'. In fact these are not true tides but is seiching. (A true tide is driven by the sun and moon). As a result of the persistent prefailing wind blowing along the Loch there is stress applied to the water surface. This causes a slight slope on the Loch! As with all damped mechanical systems, applied pressure can result in an oscillation called a seiche. In the case of Loch Earn this has a period of 16 hours. The water moves back and forth along the Loch - not in a raging torrent, of course - but the effect can be observed and measured. The currents can result in complex turbulance as an upper warmer layer of water mixes with the lower cooler water near the Loch bottom.

Other fresh water bodies which experience this effect ( seiches ) are Lake Geneva, Lake Garda, Lake Erie and Lake Baikal.

Loch Earn is a centre for both fishing and water-sports: water skiing, canoeing and sailing.

Lochearnhead :-

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